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10 Great Anti-Aging Foods You Need To Start Eating Today

Anti-aging foods can help counteract the aging process. Check out our list of the best 10 anti-aging foods and start to eat healthier today. Blueberries This colorful tiny fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants which support skin and brain protection. Actually they have lots of antioxidants that help you to clean up free […]

The Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

If you cover the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer every morning, we offer you an alternative solution that you will definitely like. It is cheap, easy to make, efficient and long-lasting. All you need is a couple of fresh mint leaves and some olive oil. Blend the leaves and add a couple of drops of olive […]

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Summary: Homemade strawberry lemonade recipe, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. Replace lemons with limes for strawberry limeade. Ingredients: (Always use organic ingredients when available.) 1 ¼ lb strawberries, washed thoroughly & cut in halves, about 4 cups 2 lemons, washed and quartered (use limes to make strawberry limeade) ½ — ¾ cup honey or organic sugar […]

Healthy Drinks

Healthy drinks are easy to prepare and their benefits are amazing. They should be consumed immediately after preparation or at least one hour after preparation, because after an hour ingredients start to oxidate, which greatly reduces their nutritive values. Natural juices can effectively help us recover from various diseases. Certain juices support the whole organism and […]

10 Types Of Tea And Their Health Benefits

Tea is a favorite beverage that refreshes and warms in winter days, offering health benefits while you are enjoying in drinking. These benefits can be also felt in the hot summer days by home prepared iced teas. Nettle Tea ►Cleans the stomach, intestines and liver ► Anemia ► Hemorrhoids ► Jaundice ► Malaria and all other […]